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Knowledge plants the seeds for 

Change and Transformation Consulting was created to support community members, organizations, schools and communities seeking to transform how they live, work, learn and thrive together. My trainings, workshops and consultations provide the tools for navigating what may be difficult choices, conversations and changes for communities. 

I work with each client to develop evaluation and assessment tools, strategic direction, evaluation and skill building tools that address specific needs and/or challenges. Understanding and acknowledging 

existing nuances and cultural norms for each client enables me to gauge the most authentic approach to transformational change that reflects their goals, yet stretches their expectations for what is possible.

                                                                       Don't just learn, experience

                                                                                   Don't just relate, advocate

                                                                                   Don't just dream, do

                                                                                   Don't just change, transform

                                                                                                         Roy T. Bennett

Providing consulting services for:

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