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 Community Building & Engagement 
Terra is an out of the box thinker who challenges the status quo and encourages those around her to approach their work with a commitment to excellence. She easily applies her experience and expertise as an educator to nonprofit programmatic efforts. Her passion for making a difference and community building is matched by strong management skills including relationship management, fundraising, process development, program design and execution. She is an inspirational leader, and I look forward to new opportunities to work with her.
                                                                           Delores Morton, Regional Vice President
                                                                           City Year

 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 


Terra Gay is a talented asset-based program leader who's developed and directed community strategies with a deep emphasis on advancing equity and reducing disparities.

                                                                                 Ben Duda, Social Sector Leader

                                                                                 Every Action

Community Transition Development 
I witnessed Terra take communities in strife over proposed changes for communities and foster productive dialogues with community members and developers, resulting in success. She is truly a consummate professional – driven, innovative, and fearless. She is a leader among her peers and serves as mentor to those she works with, including community advocates, activists and planners.  She has risen to be a top strategist that helps others develop greater inclusion, accountability and proven results in evolving communities.
                                                                                         Michelle Jackson, Broker
                                                                                         ERA Sunrise Reality
 Education & Youth Programs
Terra is a fabulous leader, motivating through her training while staying firm to the organizational goals. Her constant leadership and coaching was imperative to the success of my team, making sure that we worked through challenges while staying focused on the children we were to serve.
                                                                                        Meagan Pfaff, Recruiter
                                                                                        Gwinnett Public Schools
I have worked with Terra off and on for the last 20+ years. One of the things I admire most is her leadership. She's one of those people that others naturally follow. She has good ideas, firm commitment and a large capacity to inspire. When she leads, everyone else lines up behind her. She's excellent at developing project managers who get things organized and done. She has a strong passion for young people and education. She has dedicated much of her career to helping young people learn, grow and achieve more than they expected they could. She has a wealth of experience and innovative ideas that support organizations in creating amazing education or youth programs.
                                                                                  Jessica Kirkwood, Senior Director
                                                                                  Support Engagement, CARE
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