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 Community Building & Engagement 
Change and Transformation Consulting provides customized training and/or materials that create space for community members, for profit or non-profit organizations to reflect, learn and embrace a commitment to ongoing growth and development of their processes to better build relationships and engage as communities.   Participants gain a stronger capacity for establishing resilient communities that proactively meet needs or challenges through service and volunteerism.
 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
Change and Transformation Consulting provides highly interactive and participatory training sessions, in which participants gain a greater understanding, awareness and tools for ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion exists across organizational policies, programs and practices.  Using my curriculum, clients learn how to build a culture that fosters R.A.C.E goals. R.A.C.E goals allow clients to establish policies, programs and practices that are: 
Relationship centered and cultivating,
Authentic and affirming,
Culturally competent and conscious as well as,
Equity based and equity producing.  
Community Transition Development 
Change and Transformation Consulting provides strategic assessment and goal setting tools to support community members, leaders and developers in creating plans that are reflective and inclusive of a cross section of community voices and interests.  Participants learn the processes for developing authentic community buy-in, accountability and collaborative decision making regarding the growth, changes and future direction of transitioning communities.
Education & Youth Programs
Change and Transformation Consulting provides trainings and materials that develop the ability of schools and youth organizations to cultivate learning environments of excellence and inclusion.  C & T Consulting coaches staff and leaders to seek a deeper understanding about the cultural and community nuances that affect the learning development of youth. Our participants are able to transfer these tenets in their curriculum, classrooms and broader youth programs.
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